Celebrating 95 years of innovation in sound, design and craftsmanship, MNML's collaboration with Bang & Olufsen brought forward the new Beoplay H95 adaptive ANC headphones. Together, working intimately with B&O’s Denmark-based design and acoustic engineering teams, we elevated the headphone architecture to the highest standards in long-lasting fit, minimalistic design, user experience and acoustic performance.


Design approach




Our team was thrilled to collaborate with Bang & Olufsen who shares an uncompromising passion for design excellence. With a partner that understands, embraces, and invests in design at the highest level, the team set out to create and launch the finest wireless headphones Bang & Olufsen has ever built. Featuring titanium drivers for unrivaled sound performance, immersive noise cancellation with customizable ambient transparency, precision crafted material engineering, and luxurious long-lasting comfort, the Beoplay H95 encapsulates the company's heritage and offers the most satisfying user experience in a Bang & Olufsen wireless headphone to date. The H95 is seamlessly designed from the inside out - effortlessly balancing aesthetics with the superior fit and acoustic performance for which Bang & Olufsen is globally renowned.






Expertly crafted using premium materials and designed with a seamless user interface, the headphones provide users the ultimate immersive experience. Designed to be worn for prolonged periods, the wireless headphones feature oval ear cups, soft top grain lambskin, and ductile memory foam. The comfort and noise cancellation create the perfect experience for working from home or escaping in isolation. Elevating every aspect of interaction, the selection of materials delivers the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance. Every detail matters - from the precise aluminum dials that control ambient noise transparency and volume to the magnetically detachable lambskin ear cushions that reveal the beautifully detailed speaker housing. To achieve balance between aesthetic sensibility and mechanical support, our team leveraged our extensive manufacturing experience to complement the Bang & Olufsen team. An elegant, foldable design, and robust hardcase enhance the mobile luxury of the over-ear headphones, making them easy to stow when not in use.

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Design Process


Compact size and Superior fit


Our goal was to strike a balance between comfort and compactness without jeopardizing functionality and aesthetics. As a significant part of the process, the MNML design and engineering team developed an extensive number of prototypes that focused on providing the best seal for over-ear headphones without compromising comfort and performance. We also design and created a robust but simplistic folding and articulating hinge mechanism that could rotate and fold inward in the same pivot location. With this solution, we were able to reduce visual part breaks and simplify overall construction. Every detail was well-considered to the clamping force around the head, the knurled texture around the dial, and the mono arm pivot location; nothing was left unresolved. The result is a perfectly crafted, elegant design with best in class comfort , functionality and sound performance that will live within the Bang & Olufsen portfolio for years to come.