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modular seating


Flexible by nature and ideal for large public spaces, the award winning M2 Landscape is a customizable and scalable modular seating system designed by Scott Wilson for Quinze & Milan (Q&M). Originally commissioned by Q&M for the groundbreaking, Rem Koolhaus' designed, Seattle Public Library, M2 was conceived as a group seating solution for the large public space. 


Thoughtful consideration for the way seating participates in public space, concerns for durability and functionality, and a desire to complement the ultra-crisp graphic aesthetic of the library influenced the design. 


The seating featured a new self-skinned foam - not unlike what Nike uses in their shoe construction - offering a fresh, engaging experience for visitors. The seating system is based on a square meter grid comprised of several components that offer endless options for configuration.


The broad surfaces of M2 allow for accessibility and open communication with neighboring structures. Notable variations of the M2 Collection can also be found in Rem Koolhaus and OMA’s Illinois Institute of Technology Student Center and the Volkswagen Fox Hotel in Copenhagen (shown above), among others.