A launchpad for Product innovation + Manufacturing


mHUB is Chicago’s first innovation center focused on physical product development and manufacturing. A non-profit collaboration among many of Chicago's leading players in business, innovation, research, and product development, mHUB is poised to be the epicenter for product innovation and manufacturing in the Midwest.

As a leader in the region with extensive bespoke integrated product development experience and early stage expertise, MINIMAL was invited to strategically partner with mHUB to cultivate and mentor designers, entrepreneurs and startups in the hub. As part of our partnership, MINIMAL also had the opportunity to create the brand identity for mHUB.


Creating The Identity

“M” In the Making


At its core, mHUB is based on the idea of makers and manufacturers coming together as two equal parts, creating a spark and launchpad for accelerating ideas and process. 

The “M” in mHUB takes on several meanings, including Make, Manufacture, Mentor, Midwest, Machines, and Momentum. This flexibility became the inspirational guide in developing the “spark” logomark. The mHUB spark represents collaboration, as well as a new acceleration and trajectory. Ideas that might start off small are incubated and developed into something bigger and more impactful. The custom wordmark echoes the shapes of the logomark to reinforce the importance of the M in mHUB, and how it represents a beacon for product innovation.