PRODUCT DESIGN, Mechanical Engineering, BRANDING






Founded in 2006, Scott Wilson launched Ooba and his Nest Collection of infant and child furniture, while expecting his first child. In preparing for the birth, Wilson hoped to fill his nursery with an assortment of furniture that reflected the contemporary aesthetic of his home and lifestyle. Unmoved by the industry’s offerings of temporary and disposable natured products, Wilson devised a line of sustainable and timeless pieces of original design wherein juvenile and adult products would exist harmoniously in a shared environment.


Manufactured in the USA, the construction process reflects the same quality woodwork and craftsmanship of classic contemporary furniture. The line went from design to engineering to safety trials to production and in the hands of the consumer in under 6 months. Ooba became instantly successful having used strategic blogging tactics - albeit when viral marketing was in its infancy - igniting interest from retailers who were ravenous for innovative and quality modern design. 


Shaped by the desire to create a simpler and more insightful experience for modern living, Ooba balances form, material and function, blending iconic design with modernist heritage. Understanding modern design’s simple and minimalist characteristics are inherently childlike, and the Nest Collection was inspired and created through the eyes of a child--with clarity and simplicity.