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Supporting today’s workflow


The needs of the modern workplace have evolved over time to center around seamlessly integrating technology into our workflow and creating spaces that support a variety of work modes both in the office and elsewhere. With Playbook, we were inspired by this ever-changing environment to create a versatile and balanced system that can be appropriately configured to many different environments, applications, and budgets.

Playbook was designed to be a refined, considered, and elegant supporting character, but not dominate in the room, exuding a quiet iconic confidence that complements the interior architect’s vision for the space. Its fresh approach to the essential supporting features are thoughtfully simple, honest and obvious but evident that nothing was left to randomness. Two converging lines form the “Y” stance of the solid cast aluminum legs to communicate dynamic stability; functional PET felt accents give the system a more relaxed and approachable vibe; a wide range of surface and finish options allows flexibility in design and application.

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Modular Architecture



The key to great design is balance. The balance between form and function, design and manufacturing, material options and cost, flexibility and simplicity, newness and timelessness, emotion and accessibility. Our goal was to balance all of these to provide customers with a flexible and elegant system of work surfaces that support the way people work today.

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Playbook is the result of a close partnership between Bernhardt and MNML designers and engineers. Together through many brainstorm sessions, we developed meaningful experiences, scalable architectures, streamlined manufacturing efficiencies, and created valuable intellectual property. Playbook is naturally obvious and effortless, the product of relentless refinement through iterative prototyping to satisfy unmet consumer and business needs.