Bold, iconic, beautiful in a sea of sameness


Misfit Ray is a sleek and versatile activity tracker that monitors fitness and sleep. Ray’s streamlined form factor and clean lines make it uniquely wearable. Ray's distinct deconstructed and modular design is composed of a highly customizable cylindrical aluminum body that can be worn with Misfit-branded or custom accessories on the wrist or as a necklace. Ray effortlessly complements watches, bracelets, and fine jewelry. Its elemental, interchangeable design makes it easy to personalize, whether elegant or sporty, sensual or bold, striking or subtle. Misfit Ray is a wearable that you’ll actually want to wear.


“This might be the most beautiful sleep and fitness tracker we have ever seen.”
— Tech Insider

What we did

Breaking the mold


MINIMAL designers and engineers led the challenge to create a wearable that would break the mold for what a fitness and activity monitor could be. Focused on complimenting the user's personal style, not defining it, we achieved something that countless other wearable fitness trackers on the market have yet to accomplish. From the ground up, MINIMAL developed a low profile 12mm x 38mm architecture that is both comfortable and modular. Unlike the competition, Ray is water resistant up to 50 meters for swimming. All this while still allowing the consumer to customize how they want to wear the activity tracker, either as a necklace or on the wrist or ankle.


We sweat the details

Meticulously Engineered


Ray’s minimalist form conceals powerful engineering. It tracks activity and sleep with a 3-axis accelerometer and incorporates a vibration motor that allows for nuanced user feedback. Combined with a single multi-color LED eye, Ray provides inactivity nudges, text and call notifications, and a silent alarm. Ray never requires charging (the user-replaceable batteries last up to 6 months) so the user is not burdened with yet another device to recharge. Ray is water resistant up to 50 meters, making it a seamless part of your daily life and activities without worry. 


The Result

Ultimately Wearable


Ray is an activity tracker that is truly customizable, both in the way it’s worn and how it looks. Ray leverages a standard 8mm watch pin bar to interchange bands as well as pendant necklaces. The design is low profile and appropriate for a range of demographics and users. It is uniquely discreet or expressive, depending on what the consumer desires and can be elegant or sporty, sensual or bold, striking or subtle.