MINIMAL worked with House of Marley to create their Redemption ANC earbuds. Leveraging our work on the brand's Liberate Air earbuds, we used sustainable materials to craft approachable, familiar forms to differentiate this new generation of headphones from the traditional glossy plastics crowding the market.




Materials Matter


Designed to cut through the noise of the oversaturated audio market, House of Marley challenged us to highlight their unique materiality. The Redemptions ANC earbuds were built around an exterior stem architecture for all-day comfort. The weight is balanced between the stem and the body to help anchor and keep the earbud secure in the ear, making them the perfect choice for everyday wear. The exterior bamboo plates are designed to stand out, resulting in a design that is familiar but expressive.

The case highlights House of Marley's full suite of sustainable materials. The exterior shell is made by combining wood particles, such as sawdust, and a plastic to form a durable composite. On the inside, the recycled REGRIND™ silicone is made from post-consumer waste, and helps protects the headphones.


Design Process


Prototyping balance  


As a significant part of the process, the MINIMAL design team developed many prototypes that focused on providing superior ergonomics without compromising size or performance. During the extensive process of ergonomic refinement, a softer silicone fin geometry was added to the headphone's rigid body to accommodate a broader range of ear types.

MINIMAL and House of Marley collaborated from start to finish, working closely to solve manufacturing challenges and advise design-related issues throughout the development process.