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As a small design start-up born from crowd funding, we have loyal, passionate fans around the planet who have supported us from the beginning.  We've received thousands of emails and comments from our fans about how they constantly get stopped on the street and asked about their LUNATIK gear. 

The LUNATIK Rewards App was born from a simple concept. How can we empower our biggest fans and customers around the world to get rewarded for already being great brand ambassadors and loving our product?


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LUNATIK Rewards is a first-of-its-kind mobile commerce tool that allows our members to sell LUNATIK products directly from their iPhones, paying cash-based commission on all sales converting leads. This revolutionary share ' reward platform pays our fans cash for being product influencers and brand ambassadors.




Retail isn't connected to the consumer conversation. The traditional channels are expensive, broken, chaotic and complex for small or big brands. Customer acquisition is costly and digital advertising isn't trusted. Customers are an untapped, effective channel.  Word-of-mouth is free and 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations (Nielsen co.) Today, mobile and social networks are the most convenient way for people to connect to friends, family, and complete strangers.




The most exciting element of this product is that it helped LUNATIK overcome the challenges of lead generation and sales conversions through everyday scenarios between a trusted friend or identified product trendsetter.  The value is simple: Get paid to do what you already do -- talk about your cool gear!