Ideas are fragile without champions. We leverage our multifaceted expertise to transform ideas into meaningful brands, products and experiences.

What we Do

Innovate, accelerate, De-risk

We inspire big companies to behave like startups. We energize startups to amplify value and achieve success.

Working closely with our clients and partners, we identify strategic consumer-focused opportunities, and design iconic brand-building solutions that emotionally connect with users. Whether creating new categories and brands or breathing new life into established ones, we are focused on creating a culture of sustainable innovation with every client. We apply our deep understanding of 360º product and brand development to deliver market-ready solutions at an accelerated pace. Together, with our clients, we make the future tangible.


Why Minimal

We are the creative catalyst


MINIMAL is the creative force behind some of the most compelling products and inspiring technologies in the world.  We like to roll up our sleeves and go deep with our clients, working seamlessly alongside them to affect meaningful culture change and to redefine industries.  We help envision opportunities that we rapidly realize into market-ready solutions.


how we engage

Our hybrid Model


We've designed a hybrid business model that allows for collaboration across a diverse cross-section of clients and partners.   From large to small, we identify mutually beneficial models that allow us to invest in the success of our partnerships. 


How we work

Dynamic Process


No project is the same. Ideas, technology and tools evolve. So does our process.  Each program requires a flexible approach that unlocks innovation and adapts for the unknown.  We develop strategies, informed by decades of experience, powerful insights, user research and analytics.  We assemble an integrated mix of expertise, customized to the needs of each program. Our proven process is collaborative, iterative, and ultimately fluid. It is designed to get you there faster and better.


find your fuel



We’re proud to be pioneers of the crowdfunding movement, one that over the past years has generated millions raised among 120K backers to help fuel our product innovations.   This experience has allowed us to arm our clients with a powerful playbook with which to successfully pursue their own campaigns, as well as the tools to deliver, launch and grow their businesses.  Trust us, it’s not as easy as you think.