Using protection isn't always pretty. That's why we've injected our LUNATIK design DNA into protective cases. This is the DNA that fathered TikTok+LunaTik and LUNATIK Touch Pen. By obsessing over all the details that others neglect like fit, finish, details, feel, display integrity, robustness and aesthetics, we are raising the bar again. From the high sensitivity display protection of our Corning® Gorilla® Glass Lens to our patent pending shockproof suspension system, we've gone above and beyond to transform the iPhone into a refined and rugged everyday warrior. We want people to be excited about using protection. If you are tired of the same old box with sloppy features, we've got your covered with the TAKTIK iPhone Case by LUNATIK.



purpose built details


The devil's in the details and the details make the product. The extra effort and cost to make a product great is worth it. It is good business—great for the user and good for the planet. Great products last longer and are the first step in being responsible. And ours just might make your iPhone last longer as well. 
With TAKTIK we have focused on making a case that exceeds user expectations in the rugged case market and one that balances strong iconic aesthetics with innovative performance features. There is no reason you have to settle for one or the other. With TAKTIK you get both: a case that takes a beating and turns heads at the same time.




TAKTIK's shockproof suspension features a patent-pending 9mm Impact Truss silicone perimeter compressed between two durable Ballistik polymer or anodized aluminum bezels. The front bezel includes an adhered compression seal liner to protect from rain seeping into the case. Our design for the rear bezel features an open, unobstructed camera pass through that maintains brilliant photo and flash quality almost as if the case wasn't there. This sandwich construction compresses the silicone truss creating a suspension system to cradle your iPhone like the precious baby it is.



Durable screen Protection


Corning® Gorilla® Glass is the hardest, thinnest, most durable glass that the iPhone uses for its display and it has defined the future of tactile interaction with mobile devices. Our biggest complaint with any tough case is the plastic display film that makes you feel like you are using a 1996 Palm Pilot. So we are doubling down with an optional upgrade: a sealed Corning® Gorilla® Glass protective lens on the front bezel including anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings. You won't even know you are using protection and there's no loss of sensitivity or performance. Maintaining the interaction quality of the iPhone, it's soul, is essential and we have spared no expense to achieve this. The lens alone costs more than our competitor's entire cases.




From spills and driving rain to the occasional toilet, the slightest bit of fluid can permeate your phone and cause the Apple Genius to say "no iPhone for you!" Someday soon all iPhones will be naturally water-resistant via nano coatings, but until then we are using GORE, the leader in environmental protection,to create a hydrophobic barrier for our speaker and mic porting. 


Port protection


Both the headset port and 30-pin connector are protected with gasket plugs that won't tear off after a few uses. Our iconic port cover for the headphone jack, inspired by Panerai watches, is machined from anodized aircraft grade aluminum and provides solid visual and tactile assurance that your port is secure. The 30-pin flap features a machined aluminum port plug ensuring better sealing and durability.




So many durable cases neglect the importance of silence. For uninterrupted quiet when your are ready to get down to business, we’ve provided easy access to the ringer switch. We wondered why the silence switch is always buried instead of being as simple as throwing a safety mechanism on a gun. Our patent-pending Silence Switch makes it fast and painless.


Bike mount


A case this rugged deserves a nice ride. We designed the TAKTIK Bike Mount for the hipster, trekker and mountain downhiller to be with you wherever and however you roam. The three piece design – holster, clip and mount mechanism - provides freedom of movement and placement on most bikes. The perforated holster is detachable for future accessory line and includes a standard camera mount for our shutterbug backers. Like the TAKTIK case, the mount doesn’t compromise any functionality of the device. Its additive, but we think its essential.