Digital Marketing Agency Services

For us Digital Marketing is home. It’s where we’re constantly learning, evolving, and sharpening our skills. As a digital advertising agency, we work with a variety of clients all across the globe and years of experience in the industry and track record of giving results beyond expectations.

When you run ads online to promote your products, services, business, or create brand awareness, you’re engaging in online advertising. There are three main types of digital advertising, such as:

Pay Per Click/ PPC Search Advertising

Pay per click or PPC is a type of digital advertising in which businesses pay a fee for each time when a user clicks on the ad. Paid search advertising is a popular form of PPC advertising. With PPC search ads, business bid on ad placement to appear as sponsored links in the result page of search engines like Google, Bing Baidu and Yandex. When users search for the keywords related to the business, the ad will appear on the top of the result page. The search engine charges less for most relevant ad campaigns. As lower the cost per click, the profit will be more from the PPC campaign.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is what we think as of digital advertising generally. This form of digital advertising uses photos, videos, logos, graphics and rich media to get users to the landing page. Many markers use this display advertising to increase brand awareness and re-engage the existing users who have visited the website earlier. To get more clicks and conversions, display advertising target people with specific characteristics. What makes it different from search advertising is that digitals ads can appear on different websites in different formats and sizes. To be specific, there are many types of display advertising and here is a short list;

  • Web banner advertising i.e. a banner across the top of the page
  • Pop-ups i.e. adverts that pop up when you open the page, which is less popular due to   the annoyance factor
  • Floating ads which appear and then disappear after a period of time
  • Text ads which are simple text boxes e.g. Google
social media ads

Social Ads

Social ads are the fastest way to connect with the target audience on specific networks so the targeted customers can see the brand in their feeds. Major social networks offering advertising options are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Best brands find creative ways to use social media to share their experience with customers.