Digital Marketing – China Market

China is a market everyone wants a piece of. The number of active internet users is more than  800 million with internet availability rate reaching 61.2%.  As a leading China digital marketing agency in Singapore, Boopin specialises in various Chinese marketing channels. From complex account creations, efficient and creative engagement strategies, we focus to get your brand to the target Chinese audiences to influences their buying decisions and generate more sales and conversions. 

The following are what we offer

1. Web Design and Development

Chinese buyers have built up their own online behaviours, desires and expectations create a complicated market to enter. It’s necessary to have a Chinese website that resonates with local shoppers to display your services or products. Our experts offer adorable web design, development using latest technologies, web hosting and more – we bring all the various components together to make a completely functional website which is adaptable, scalable, secure, and SEO friendly.

2. Chinese Social Media Marketing

Get more leads and conversions from top Chinese social media platforms like Wechat and Weibo.  At Boopin, we use the latest tools and strategy for engaging the Chinese audience to build brand trust and reputation. We help you to choose the appropriate social media platform depends on your marketing objective an target audience. 

3. Chinese KOL Marketing

For building trust to your brand, KOL ()Key Opinion Leader) simply influencer is a powerful channel. Given the one of a kind social media landscape and high competition, KOLs enable brands to generate trust such that customary promotion that no one else can offer. We are experts with an extensive network of social influencers followed by your target audience to make your business goal. 

4. Baidu SEO and SEM

Optimizing your website for Baidu can provide more exposure and traffic. This is the largest Chinese search engine with more than 70% of the Chinese market share and millions of active users. The process is different in China, different skills and techniques are required when compared to western search engines like Google. Our expert’s team will cover every aspect and gains maximum results. 

Baidu PPC or pay per click is simple and quickly delivers results. Baidu Tuigang enables advertisers to have their ads displayed on the search result pages of Baidu’s search engine and on other websites in the Baidu Union. Baidu ads are best efficient in digital advertising which helps you to drive instant targeted visits to your website. Baidu SEM provides immediate ROI to businesses looking for immediate leads and brand exposure.