Influencer/ KOL Marketing Agency Services

Influencer marketing in Singapore is also known as KOL marketing is a soft promotion strategy with influencers as a communication channel between the brand and the target audience. It uses the word of mouth to achieve promotional effects. Working with KOL is the best method for promoting new products or services. 

Many are experts in their respective fields who provide advice, instructions, reviews, etc. through a variety of digital mediums. There are KOLs actively posting about almost any topic you can imagine. Sports, video games, fashion, food, travelling, education, plastic surgery, luxury goods, cars, etc. all are topics that you’ll find these KOLs discussing.

KOLs can have millions of followers who follow their advice and actively engage with the content they create. The influence these figures wield can be considerable and working together with them can help create significant buzz for companies and their products.

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Wechat KOL advertising is a terrific way to advertise because they are a trusted source of knowledge and advice for their followers. By utilizing customary supported articles and brand reviews, WeChat KOL educates their followers regarding a brand’s campaign and impact their buying decisions. WeChat KOL can directly boost buys by giving sales links for products. KOL can also work with brands to include purchase links in the articles that they produce. When the article resonates with the buying choice of audience, they can purchase the item quickly with just a couple of clicks. As a KOL marketing agency, Boopin has been running sales-focused campaigns for clients and getting maximum ROI.