AdTech and Analytics

The significant advantage of using marketing technology (mar tech) and advertising technology (ad tech)  is that it allows integrating the whole toolset into a single system. Numerous automated processes and workflows enable more precise audience targeting. So it is possible to collect more diverse data that will result in highly relevant and efficient ads. 

By combining data collection and current customer understanding (insights) with the ability to immediately apply that data to tangible actions like media and ad buying, marketers can achieve a higher level of personalization that drives positive business outcomes.

At Boopin we cover a range of latest Ad-Tech, Mar-Tech, and Analytics tools that we use to strategize, set up and manage all digital advertising activities to get the most of the invested budget by our client through running effective campaigns to reach their target audience, optimizing campaigns, measuring ROI, and gathering consumer insights. We use the latest Ad-tech tools from DMPs, CDP, DSP and Analytics tools.